Fat Diminisher System Review – How to lose weight fast within 4 weeks?

Dear Friends,

There are many weight loss programs out there. What is the best one? What is a safe, natural, fast and effective one? I keep researching and found out that each program has each own benefit, but most of them missing something. I found out that the missing factor is the “secret mindset” to continue your journey.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how good your diet is, you will fall back into your old shape. Do you believe that 80% of the success of all fitness comes from a mental condition?

Okay, let me introduce you the program that help you achieve your desire weight, as well as your healthy and younger appearance – The Fat Diminisher System (Review). I’m not saying this is the best program, but it is number #1 weight loss program that helps you not only physical, but also mental fitness, you will feel happier, more energy, self-motivation and positive changes.

I will review this program as a FAQ session. If you are tired of reading then you can Click here to watch this interesting animated video presentation.

Let’s start.

  1. What is Fat Diminisher System (FDS)?

Fat Diminisher System is generally an eBook covers great weight loss information includes mindset strategies, exercises, nutrients, herbs and minerals, meal plan…

  1. Who develops this system?
    fat diminisher review wes virgin fat diminisher review wes virgin

This system is written by Wes Virgin, a virtual master trainer, a motivational specialist, a single dad of two cute kids, an ex-Marine!? And he claims he has been labeled as “celebrity trainer” by his peers.

If you watch one of his video coaching, you will feel his power, you will feel motivation, you will feel excited to do thing. That’s is a success for a motivational coach, he get you doing something even you don’t want to do this and this is one of the secret source of this system, a mental strategy to get yourself into action.

  1. How does FDS work?

fat diminisher system review Patricia WronIf you watch his video, you will see that he shares a story about a woman 45 years old, named Patricia Wron, who is out of shape, has heart disease, how she follows his method in a short period of time to lose over 38 lbs and have a physical anatomical of 26 years old, fully physical checked by Mayo Medical Clinic.

Here are what you will learn from this system

  • How to keep your fat off after you have already lost it?
  • How to condition your mental to have the right mindset to continue the journey?
  • Why result are different for some people?
  • What are you doing wrong regarding nutrient?
  • Is your weight or fat gain genetic?
  • What 2 techniques you can do every day to keep your fat off your waist a few inches within 7 days?
  • What’s different between alkalinity & acidity diets? How to check your pH level to tell your body in alkaline or acidity state?
  • 6 vegetables to avoid because of genetic modification?
  • Why you should eat more food? What is the right quantity?
  • The bad things about processed food.
  • What 3 Superfoods help you to melt away fat? (Hint: wheatgrass)
  • What 2 cardio exercises you should avoid? (Reveal: Running & Plyometrics). => I don’t agree with him on this because perhaps they are no good for people who is over 30’ only, they might damage your joints and back.
  • How much exercise should you do?
  • The real meat (the core) about FDS?
  • Some meal plan recipes
  • How to detox and beautify your body with smoothie? (You will learn some specific purpose smoothie like fountain of youth, skin, fat, cholesterol, …)
  • The 7 minutes Workout. (Really like this)
  • F.A.Q

Apply the techniques, with a list of foods, herbs & minerals and 7 minutes workout for 30 days you will see very tangible result. Extending for 3 months you will get what you really want.


  1. What are the benefits?

  • Guarantee result – permanent result
  • Delicious recipes
  • High fiber snack for your cravings
  • Safe and natural
  • Short time exercises
  • No membership or equipments need
  • Mental conditioning to have the right mindset.
  • Motivation and inspiration to continue
  • Great support from author
  • Look and feel younger
  • More energy
  1. What are the drawbacks?

    • This program is not a magic pill, it requires you to act, get off your butt and do something. You have to change your lifestyle with will power and consistency.
    • To some people it is the digital version, but I like that. I like reading it on my laptop, and you can print it out or read directly on iPad, other tablet or any smart devices supported PDF reader.
    • You can only get this product from the official website. You can’t buy Fat Diminisher System from Amazon, eBay or any other store.
    • Say bad things about the fitness industry. I don’t agree with him because not all the industry is bad for all people.
    • Say bad things about running & jumping. You should be aware of these exercises when you’re overweight. I think these methods have a certain result for some people in case they are young, no problem with joints and back. It’s always better moving than doing nothing.
    • Not very effective for people who are not overweight. I think the reason is you are at your plateau, 2 things you can do is whether you stop or keep going until you get over the plateau. You will see this situation when you’re on your weight loss journey.
    • There are some upsells and supplements (but it’s your choice, you don’t have to buy them)
  2. Is Fat Diminisher System Scam or Fraud?

Absolutely NO. 100% NO. I don’t take so much time to write  reviews for B.S program. I think this is one of the best weight loss program available today with great support and cheap price.

Another thing is the author is active and responsive. You can contact him via email, Facebook and Youtube. For BS program, you will never be able to contact anyone, everything seems work automatically without a person. No real person there.


  1. Who is this program for?

In short, Unisex! Both male and female and busy people. I think that’s the reason why he includes 7 Minutes workout in his system for double your result.
People who really want to lose weight. Don’t buy and put it aside. Do something and lose weight, not waiting to lose weight to do something. It never works like that.

People who like natural and safe methods.

  1. What do you get when you purchase?

    You will get the following ebooks include the main eBook with several bonuses, 1 DVD and 1 hardcopy book.

  • Fat Diminisher System
  • The Truth About Vegies – The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know
  • 4 Minutes Belly Shredder
  • Most Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants
  • Arthritis Reversed (Hardcopy)
  • Fat Loss Expert (DVD)
  1. How much does it cost?

This Fat Diminisher eBook is priced at only $37, one time fee, no monthly subscription. You can help the author by purchasing with this normal price OR if you’re tight on budget then I will show you how to get an additional discount of 18$  or you can get it with only $19 and this is a loosing profits offer from the author, really. Just send me a message.


  1. Is there any activity picture?

Yes. Here are a few of them. Also check out some of his activities

fat diminisher review before after

Brianna in Charleston, West Virginia, who lost 20 pounds and
3 dress sizes in 4 weeks before her wedding.

fat diminisher review before after

Nancy Babson of Yakima, Washington, who lost more than 53 pounds in two months

fat diminisher review wes virgin coach

fat diminisher review wes virgin coach


  1. How do I buy this FDS?

This eBook is hosted by Clickbank (not a real bank, just a brand name)  – one of the biggest Global Internet Retailer in the world.

You can pay with your credit cards or PayPal account if you have one. You can even download at 2 AM in the morning. It is a safe and secure order system, with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 128 bit encryption.

I myself bought a lot products from this website so I feel confident about their payment gateway. So, you can have peace of mind when ordering with them.

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official page.
  • Click “Add To Cart” or you can find the “Get Started” link at the bottom and click on that link.
  • You will be transferred to a payment page. Enter your payment information there. Choose credit card type or PayPal.
  • You will be transferred to the download page and receive a confirmation email and invoice includes a download link.
  • Download and start NOW.


  1. Why should you buy it?

If you really want to lose weight, if you want physical fitness AND mental fitness in a short period of time (4 weeks) with health improvement and training from the vibrant, positive and inspired trainer – Wes with guarantee results, then I highly recommend you give this Fat Diminisher PDF System a try.

With 60 days money back guarantee, what can you lose? Invest a small amount of money ($37 or ~0.6 cent per day) into your health is much better than putting fast food, junk food, pizza, ice cream into your body daily. Think about it.

  1. How long can I expect the tangible result?

It depends. You can get results within 7 days or more. Some people get results fast, others don’t,  but I think 3 months is a reasonable time.

  1. What do you want to know more?

If you think this information is not enough for your decision, you can contact me for any information you want to know more. I will do more research and update very soon.

  1. Is there any alternative way or other recommendation?

    * If you’re a Male, because this program is exclusively for male and if you want to lose weight and not only losing weight but also achieve the Perfect Body Formula in term of Adonis Golden Ratio, then I highly recommend you check this Adonis Golden Ratio System. Read review here. Or visit Adonis Golden Ratio Official Website Here.

    * If you want a mild, relax way to lose weight through diet, then I recommend you check out this Red Smoothie Detox Factor (RSDF) program – Wes Virgin considers this program as Fat Diminisher’s Sister. He said “She is Hot and Sexy” J. I recommend you check out both FDS and RSDF as they complement each other, and it’s always your choice.

  1. Why should you buy from me?

    I might get some small compensation when you order from some of my links, but in your client’s view, your price is the same as the original price. In fact, I will help you to get discounts, as you get all the review information here for free, I will put more free stuff here. With your support, I can maintain this page. I don’t have any relationship with the product’s owner. My review is based on my own opinion and my criteria for selecting a product are safe, natural, effective and fast. I give you free information and facts for your own decision. See 2 more free information at the bottom of this review.

I will finish this review by share you this quote that I like very much “God helps those who help themselves”. Get the book, read, apply, start now. The only and only way to get your result is taking action.


Thank you very much for taking your time to read my review.

I really really appreciate any help you can provide.

Wish you all the best, health, wealth, happiness and a perfect weight ! J


Oops, I forget to give a bonus video exercise from Wes. This is for your belly and your abs. Check this out, BUT please pay very close attention here because I have tried this and it hurt so bad and contrasted my intestines as I felt inside my abdomen, don’t over do please. Please do not do as Wes does, if he does it for 30 seconds, then you should only do 5-10 second and gradually increase the repetitions. I don’t recommend for very overweight or rarely exercises person. J Feel his energy!!! Very powerful exercise. Get Fit With Passion Now.

Okay, another bonus is Fat Diminisher System herbs and minerals, please check it out and use this in your nutrient. Here are some of the most important items you should include in your diet. Why? Beause of their benefits like helping you reduce weight, they are natural and have no side effect, they work effectively as well as helping in treating some diseases:

  1. Gingsen: This herb can help to boost your body’s energy, causing you more active in daily life and with that result in weight loss.
  2. Cayenne pepper: Capsaisin is a well know and active component in chili pepper has the ability to cut down the unwanted fat in your body.
  3. Cinnamon: it is good for your balancing blood sugar level and lowering your cholesterol level.

Pay attention to those herbs that have the attribute of “hot” like above because they help you to speed up your metabolism and fat burning. You can consume them in their natural form or you buy some supplement that has them in their ingredients.

  1. Calcium: Surprizingly! Don’t think it is only good for your bone or the immune system, it is known to help people to lose weight as well. You can take daily of 1000mg.
  2. Coenzym Q10: is one of the most important elements in Fat Diminisher System helps to break down fat and convert to energy, acts as an antioxidant in removing free radical and harmful molecules.
  3. Chromium: it is an essential part with a very small amount needs to regulate blood sugar and help insulin to transport glucose to cells. It is involved in the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrate. Thus, result in helping you to lose weight.
  4. Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP): not found in the food we eat, but this is made from the seeds of an African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia. Restore your serotonin level and helps you to enhance mood, sleep, depression, anxiety, weight loss, chronic headache.

These minerals can be found in the supplemental section from any store like Amazon.

Remember, taking these herbs or minerals as a supplemental form and as an aid to boost your weight loss on a higher speed only.

Notice: This information is for your reference purpose only. Everybody is different, some might have allergic to those herbs and minerals even they are supplements and they are in their natural stage. So for your safety, please ask your doctor before you apply anything in your diet, especially when you have severity disease.

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